Feeling Trashy

Today I’m going to rant a little. If you’re not in the mood to get riled up with me, go watch a rerun of Golden Girls and wait for a day when I’m not so peeved.

I think I’m in a rather foul mood today because my furnace is not working today. I’ve tried to turn it off and on again, and the vents are still only blowing cold air. Not good. My faith that The Electrician can fix anything is carrying the day at the moment.

The main reason I’m bristling today is that my neighbours continually dump their garbage on my property. I live in my dollhouse in an older neighbourhood with back alleys, and there is a section of yard on either side of the garage. On the side to the right of the garage is my little garbage can hutch, which houses my garbage cans. There is a section of lawn on my property in front of the garbage hutch that is big enough to put up a tent and camp out with your buddies. It is on this little section of my grass that the neighbours leave their garbage bags.

dollhouseyard Click if you want to see a mock up of my yard. I’m less than proficient at explaining the lay of the land.

There are currently three black bags of garbage out there. I moved them to the neighbours’ side twice today, and twice they’ve been put back. It goes like this many days. My frustration here is two-pronged:   1. I pay a mortgage on this property and I work hard to maintain it; I don’t need someone else putting their garbage on it.  2. My tenant and I put our garbage in the cans in the garbage hutch, which prevents the neighbourhood cats from ripping the bags open and dragging the garbage all over the place. On a number of occasions, there has been debris of extreme grossness strewn all over. Ick. Just ick. I am also worried about garbage making it over the back fence where it can make Sherman sick. Vet bills are expensive.

I don’t know whether I should leave a note on the garbage itself the next time I move it back, or leave a note in their mailbox. I moved the garbage back again this afternoon and then scooped dog turds in my yard on a garbage bag stakeout, but the neighbours didn’t come out to move the  bags while I was out there. Any suggestions for how to address this extremely annoying situation? I have no interest in causing a scene or being obnoxious: I just need the people next door to deal with their own trash.

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