That Sunday Feeling

I think that no matter how much a person enjoys her job, the last night of vacation brings back the same kind of dread she felt as a little kid when all the fun was over and the real world was breathing down her neck. Work is looming. Work has halitosis.

Spring break is drawing to a close, and I’m on my couch writing report cards, largely because the kitchen table is covered with rubble from the renovation project. Luckily for me, the sun is shining through the living room window, and I’ve got a great station playing on Jango Radio.

It’s been a productive spring break, even though I didn’t finish everything I wanted to. Truth be told, I’d rather sleep in again tomorrow than haul my sorry carcass out of bed bright and early to go to school, but I’m sure that by the time my first period class is finished, I’ll be up to speed and enjoying my time with the kids.

I opened a new package of stickers today, and this is the clear winner. Sorry about the photo. The sparkliness makes it really hard to get a clear shot. Do people even say this to describe good things in my geographical location? In any location? I’m torn about whether I will actually use it: the kids might be more confused than anything. Maybe they will think I’m making a suggestion about their breath rather than their exams.

Yet another questionable sticker.

Maybe I should start designing stickers for extra income. Cue the entrepreneurial spirit.

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  1. bd says:

    it’s great to see a educated person use a gift given to have fun,and make others smile or tear up as required!! keep it up luv ya bd

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