We had Easter dinner today at my grandmother’s house. It was the first family meal since Grandpa passed away this February, and I was worried about all of us being sad without him there. I still find it really tough to be at the house, with Grandpa’s chair at the table empty, and his reading armchair in the livingroom empty. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to his house without him in it.

Schedules lined up, and The Electrician came for turkey and ham. He also brought his grandparents, who are long time friends of my Grandma and Grandpa (small world, huh). The Electrician’s brother was in town, and his sister had flown home for Easter from England with her baby son. By some lucky fluke, The Electrician’s mom was home from overseas unexpectedly, and she joined us too. It was a full house.

I am so grateful that on a day where I was worried about missing a very big presence at the table, the powers that be saw fit to send a roomful of wonderful people to bring joy into our home. I missed Grandpa and had a couple of misty moments, but it was such a good feeling to be immersed in the joy and renewal of spring.

All in all, and with the apple pie included, I think Grandpa would have been pleased.

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