Mammal Monday: Election Edition

Sherman is a big believer in civic responsibility. He is licensed. He is vaccinated. He also surrendered his testicles on a fateful date this past December to help control the unwanted pet population. Homeboy is so concerned about the state of his nation and his neighbourhood that he poops at home, and never on his walks. Speaking of walks, he always walks in control, on his leash, and is friendly to everyone he meets, man or beast (as long as the beast isn’t a bird).

Yes, Sherman is doing his part.

Are you going to vote? Are you? Are you? Yes, you ARE going to vote!

That said, Sherman encourages all Canadians to get off their butts and get to the polls today. In the interest of doing your part to be active and responsible as a citizen of this awesome country, please go cast your vote! Take ten minutes out of your crazy busy life to go have your little bitty say in what happens around here.

Besides, if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about what the government does. Amen.

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