What’s the Plan, Stan?

That phrase would be so much more effective if I actually knew someone named Stan.

I’ve had quite a few questions lately about my goals with the site re-vamp and mad flurry of activity here on my little blog. True, I’m writing enough right now that the wind created by my rapidly typing fingers could swiftly dry my nail polish, if I only had enough time to paint my fingernails. It’s been a busy time in the dollhouse.

My work here at Blue Speckled Pup is largely influenced by the loss of one of the best people I’ve ever had the privilege of loving. My grandpa’s death in February was a shock to my system on every level. Many days, I still pick up the phone to call him, let him know what’s going on in my itty bitty corner of the world. Half the time when I speak to Grandma, I start to ask to speak to him before I remember the way things have changed. I can’t be at their house without expecting to see him every time I pass from one room into another. I had to stop on my drive home today because I got thinking about him and couldn’t really see the road. I’m great with words, but I don’t have the resources in my vocabulary to put my feelings about it down on paper.

Grandpa Howie read until the day he died. He loved books of all kinds, and he and Grandma have always had a long printout from the public library stuck to the fridge with a golf magnet, listing the titles they had signed out on any given week. After his death, we rounded up his current signed-out list and returned them to the library. How many people are blessed enough to say goodbye to a loved one who lived in his own home, doing what he loved, right until the day he went on to the next step? I am a lucky woman in that regard.

For years, Grandpa encouraged me to write. One of his biggest wishes for me was a career in writing.

I’ve been doing little things on occasion, like the 3-Day Novel Contest, which I’ve successfully entered twice. For those unfamiliar, 3-Day is a contest that requires writers to complete a manuscript in 72 hours. It’s like beating your own skull with a wooden spoon for an entire long weekend, but reaching my goal of completing a novel in that time, twice, helped to reinforce my confidence in my own writing. I plan to enter again for 2011.

The problem with a career like mine is the critical lack of spare time for pursuing my personal goals. I have two novels partly written at the moment, but I really struggle to find time for my writing. Working on a major piece requires me to immerse myself in it, which I really can’t do in the slim margin of my spare time.

Enter Blue Speckled Pup. I’m working on my blog in earnest because it provides me the opportunity to write separate pieces that can be written (or read) in a single sitting. I’m getting a sliver of that “sense of accomplishment” pie with a healthy dollop of writing practice on top, every single day. It’s a beautiful thing.

I am chasing my goals right now. Come to think of it, I’m keeping pace with my goals nicely so far. I am going to write one post a day for one year. That’s a minimum of 365 posts. At an between 500 and 2000 words a post so far (for the most part) I will be writing a heck of a lot over the next year. I’ll let you do the math.

There will be occasional days, like when I was gone to camp with school, where I simply cannot post to my blog. I’ll make those up the next possible day so the average still levels out. I’m committed to making Blue Speckled Pup as successful as I can. I’m committed to finally leaping out toward the things that my grandpa, bless him, always wanted for me.

I miss Grandpa Howie. I hope he can read along wherever he is, and I hope he gets a big plate of oatmeal cookies to enjoy while he reads.

copyright 2011:  http://bluespeckledpup.com

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