Whine and Peas

I know, I know, I stated multiple times in yesterday’s post that I was going to finish my discussion of the firearms registry. Not today. Sorry. I’m in too much pain. I’m sure you’ll live. I probably will, too.

I’m not talking pain a figurative sense. I’m not that worked up about what I see as poor use of my tax dollars. Somehow, I managed this week to pull something in my rotator cuff, and my shoulder and my right arm are torqued all out of line. I have had (even more than usual) only limited use of my right arm, the one that does everything from brush my teeth to mark my students’ papers, since Monday afternoon. I don’t know what caused it, but I do know that every time I move my arm in a way my shoulder doesn’t approve of, mostly left, right, up, down, twisty, and chicken wing flap, I have a sharp ugly pain along my neck, collarbone, and into my shoulder socket. It’s bad enough that I couldn’t write on my board and talk at the same time today in class. I was too afraid I’d swear while I was using that arm.

I called my chiropractor’s office and squeaked into an opening for active release therapy, and that helped marginally. If you’ve ever had ART treatments, you probably know they work brilliantly but they are excruciatingly painful. Like, sometimes I bite my free hand while they’re working on me and I still have the tooth marks after I’ve paid up and headed home painful. Like, The Electrician sometimes comes with me and hears me hollering from the far treatment room painful. Ugly, effective stuff.

The chiropractor asked me what I was mumbling into my free hand while he was working my shoulder, and I advised him that it was better he remained uninformed. He’s a nice guy. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

So, writing a long post about federal legislation is simply not on the list of things I can handle today. A lengthy period of time on my laptop would just aggravate my stupid shoulder.

I type this for you, my lovely readers, pouting on my couch while a bag of frozen peas tries to talk some sense into my shoulder. I really need to finish marking a stack of papers tonight, and I only have enough time and stamina for one major task. Unfortunately, the one I actually get paid for is going to win out.

I’m so glad you stopped by to see me here. I’m sorry I’m a pouter. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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