Super Long Weekend

I’m writing late today. Usually, I write my posts the day before and then publish them after I’ve had time to read them over one more time. My life improved nicely when I found the handy WordPress feature that allows me to write and proofread my work, and then preset a time the next day to move that bad boy into his wee little starter home in my corner of internet suburbia. That handy little feature means that I can publish my stuff right after midnight, which boosts my daily readership significantly, and I don’t have to stay up really late to to it.

Last night, I played Donkey Kong with limited success –that Wii game is way too hard for kids, man– and my dear friend came over for a walk in the off leash park with the Sherminator. I washed some dishes. I made some pear/apple/blueberry oatmeal muffins. It was a lovely little evening. Actually, I was just trying to make apple pear oatmeal muffins, but I dropped a bunch of the diced fruit on the floor and had to supplement with whatever I could find in the freezer. Such is my life.

The reason for all this loveliness, my friends, is that this is the super long weekend. Technically, it’s just May long weekend, but my school, and possibly the district (I didn’t check) takes the day in lieu for teachers today on the Friday. That means, boy oh boy, that this is a four day weekend. Uh huh. Oooooh, yeah. I have today off in exchange for the evenings I spend at school doing parent-teacher interviews and other mandatory school obligations that require me to be at work after the regular hours. It’s sort of like today is a payout of banked overtime. For the record, it’s a beautiful thing.

Outside, wee birds are chirping and driving Leroy batty. Inside, I’m on the couch in my fuzzy fuchsia housecoat, blogging and watching The Price is Right. Yesterday, I realized the weather dial has finally been rotated fully to the “spring” setting, and I turned off the furnace. What a gorgeous day to kick off my super weekend, and for once, there isn’t snow in the forecast for this weekend. If you’re Alberta folk, you get this little attempt at prairie humour.

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy some chocolate and the the people you love most.

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