Pineapple Express

There are things in life we do despite being sane, educated individuals. Although we know that suffering is imminent, we continue to engage in things that are pleasant at the time but we know we will pay far more than the enjoyment is worth in the end.

Some examples of pleasant but (eventually) punishing things are:

– Staying up way, way, far too late reading a good book on a weeknight.

– Continuing to snorkel although the sunscreen has apparently punched the clock and ended its workday, based on the sizzling bacon feeling (and vague scent) coming from our shoulders.

– Cutting up a fresh pineapple and leaving the astoundingly delicious fruit in a bowl on the counter, only to realize at the end of the afternoon that we have eaten the entire thing, less the three pieces snagged by The Electrician, over the course of the day.

Guess which one of these things I did today. Stupid me. I am very afraid.

copyright 2011:

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