I revamped Blue Speckled Pup today, and I’m quite pleased with the results.

The last incarnation of my little blog was really pretty, and I loved the richness of the blues and greens. My issue with the template I was building on was the fact that it was inflexible. I couldn’t change the colours, format, or background. I also could not create the large banner-style header I’ve been craving. Basically, it was a great starter template, but it wasn’t meeting my needs any longer so I needed to move on.

Also, because I was using a rigid blog “theme” from WordPress, there were thousands of other blogs using the same theme, which meant they looked exactly like mine, except for the content. Being just like everyone else makes me bananas, and I have been waiting for the day I found the motivation to make the transfer to something uniquely mine. It’s not a quick procedure, so I needed to make sure I wanted to make the change before I invested the time and energy.

All the old posts are still here, but they may have been shuffled around a bit. Bear with me, pretty please, while I iron the lumps out.

I love my new, big banner of the Sherminator, which is a photo of him at eight weeks old. In an effort to take the advice of many of the expert blogging advice I’ve read during my medical leave, I’ve also gone to an easier to read black on white font, rather than the white on blue from the old page. The background is also completely one-of-a-kind; I kept the edges of the pattern soft so it doesn’t overpower the content. I’m digging the fresh funk of the redesign, because it’s something that’s really “me.”

I hope you enjoy the new and improved Blue Speckled Pup. As always, I am so glad you stopped by.

copyright 2011:  http://bluespeckledpup.com

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