The End and the Beginning

The school year is over, and so are this year’s graduation festivities. I’ve worked with a colleague as a grad advisor for the past three years, but this was by far the busiest year we’ve had; I’m glad it was a success, and I’m extra glad it’s over.

Last night, while I was helping to set seat numbers on the tables before the banquet, I was already all done up in my new dress, with my hair pretty and my face on, and one of the hotel employees asked, “Are you excited to graduate tonight?” It’s the little moments like that that make the time I spend with my eyelash curler worthwhile. Bless that woman, whoever she is.

Graduation is a funny time for high school teachers. It’s strange to realize that the kids we’ve watched grow so much over the last years, six at my school because we’re grades 7-12, are off to live their own little lives now. There are many students I’ll miss. I’m sure I’ll wonder what some of them are doing, and if their shoes are tied so they don’t trip and if they’ve zipped their jackets because Alberta winters are so freaking cold.

Teaching is a strange business because the faces change so much around my workplace. Imagine seeing someone every day for years, and then having that person disappear. Imagine knowing a great deal about what is happening in someone’s life, and providing him or her advice and support in addition to the curriculum, and then having “your” student leave you behind. I’m not saying I want my kids to stay in high school forever, but seeing them go is bittersweet.

I don’t mix my career and my blog so my students know nothing about Blue Speckled Pup, but I send my best wishes out into the universe regardless. To the grads everywhere, mine and everyone else’s, good luck. Remember the people who think you’re wonderful. Focus on your goals but don’t be afraid to change them when you really need to. Most of all, get out there and have a great life.

And don’t forget to tie up your shoes, because I don’t want to pick up your teeth.

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  1. lisa says:

    You’re exactly right, bittersweet indeed

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