How Did That Happen?

The Electrician and I are heading out on the second leg of our little holiday this morning. It has poured in Salmon Arm since we got here, which doesn’t affect the beauty of the landscape or the amount we’ve enjoyed time with our hosts, but we’re ready to move on and spend a little time, just the two of us. Also, The Electrician is hoping to go jump in a lake, and it’s been 15 degrees and raining here, so lake swimming has been next to impossible unless hypothermia is the goal. In short, we’re heading out on the open road.

Originally, we were planning to slip south to Kelowna, which is still in the lakes district but warmer than Salmon Arm has been lately by quite a stretch. Kelowna borders a beautiful lake that’s turquoise and spreads forever. It sounds like the perfect place for The Electrician for dunk his trunks, and we were looking forward to relaxing on the sand with a couple of books and a Pepsi slurpee.

I popped onto last night to snag a last-minute hotel deal and searched “Kelowna.” I’ve arranged holidays like this before, grabbing the best possible prices at zero hour, so I wasn’t worried about doing it. As my spidey senses told me when I signed into the site, there were fabulous offers; I saw a four-star resort on the mountain for $116 Canadian, which is an insane discount considering the normal price of such a room. I jumped on the sale and booked the room in record time: those sites change all the time as rooms are booked and disappear, so waiting around is a risk.

Here’s the thing about Hotwire: it doesn’t tell you the actual name of the hotel until after you’ve done your bit with your credit card. When the whole thing went through, we discovered the hotel I’d booked is not in Kelowna, BC, but is actually situated in Kamloops, BC. For those of you from far away, these two cities are about two hours apart, so we’re not even in the vicinity of the big green lake. Why a Kamloops hotel ended up in the search results for Kelowna is beyond me, but it is what it is.

So, because I’m awesome, I somehow booked a very fancy resort room in the wrong city entirely. Oops.

It looks like we’re going to Kamloops!

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I am not sure how much of a camper you are, but there are cabins you can rent 2 1/2 hrs northish from Kamloops at the gorgeous Greenlake, near 100 Mile. While it is somewhat out of your way, it is at least progress towards home. I used to live in the area, and Greenlake is a fantastic stop, I recommend Emerald Bay, on the north side of the lake.

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