Like I Never Left

The Electrician and I picked Sherman up from the kennel this afternoon, where he’s been playing with his doggy friends for the past 12 days while we were on vacation. Sherman was thrilled to see me, which is one of the best things about a good dog: I left him with other folks while I went on holidays, and he was just as sweet and happy to see me as the day I left. The speckled one wagged so hard he smacked himself in the ear with his tail when I called his name and he came running. Love that pup.

Tonight, The Electrician and I are at a welcome back barbeque for his dad, who works very far overseas and is home for the first time since Christmas. I think I might have to rest when I’m dead, but tonight, it’s chicken by the firepit.

I missed my bed and I missed my dog. I’m glad to be home.

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