Ten Random Facts: Blast From the Past Edition

One:  At a family gathering when I was younger, I kicked my Skip-it around my ankle so many times that the counter rolled back around to zero. Do you remember Skip-it? Mine was green.

Two:  When I was 18, I owned a guinea pig named Murphy after my second grade teacher.

Three:  I had a Tenderheart Care Bear pendant when I was a kid, but my little brother scraped the heart off his belly and left him looking like any old little brown teddy.

Four:  My parents met in the 70s when my momma flipped burgers at A&W and my dad was into “cruisin’ the Dub” with his buddies.

Five:  I grew up surrounded by muscle cars and am a Ford woman in that regard. My dad has always had a project or seven underway in the garage, including the Fairlane he owned while dating my mother.

Six:  All my little brother would eat for breakfasts for several years was Quaker peaches and cream flavour hot oatmeal. I don’t think he can even stand the smell of that stuff these days: I know I can’t.

Seven:  For most of my childhood, I was terrified of those springy doorstops that go, sproioioioinggg! Remind me to tell you the story behind my phobia sometime.

Eight:  I wore so much purple as a kid that I became purpled out. It’s still the one colour I can’t stand.

Nine:  Pizza turns my stomach because I got food poisoning from deluxe pizza as a child. Puking stuff up tends to ruin it forever, and now I can tolerate eating pizza about once a year at best.

Ten:  My mom had my ears pierced when I was six, but the hairdresser piercer screwed up one lobe and I had a freak out when they took me back to get them redone. Momma made me wait two years to try again.

copyright 2011:  http://bluespeckledpup.com

One Comment Add yours

  1. SUZANNE says:

    I had a bad reaction to orange soda as a child at a Lions Club picnic one summer. The stuff turns my stomach now, so I know how you feel about pizza!

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