Plugging Away

A quick hello from behind my laptop. Writing my three day novel is going reasonably well, particularly considering I only put in ninety minutes of writing when the clock started at midnight before forcing myself to bed for the night. For the first time ever, I am writing the manuscript more or less in the order it will be arranged for the completed plot. In previous competitions, I’ve always started with one vivid scene in mind and worked my way out from that central point. I do have such a scene in mind, and I’ll probably attempt it after a brief nap or something else to reset my brain, since it’s one of the most important parts of what I’ve thought out for the plot.

I feel like I’m rather dramatically behind at the moment. I’m just closing in on 10,000 words, which isn’t much at all when I consider the size of my intended finished product. Based on 3-Day Novel Contest lore and my own past attempts, two of them, the first day is the hardest. Right now, I’m seriously second guessing myself. This task seems truly impossible and I’m wondering why I ever agreed to pay $55 for this much suffering. I’m quite certain feeling like absolute crap about myself is a requirement for this competition. By tomorrow morning, though, I’m reasonably sure I’ll be rocking along far faster than I am today, and feeling much better in general about my novel and my abilities as a writer.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, please? My own fingers are way too busy typing and my toes are far too short to cross.

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