Birthday Shindig!

We had a surprise birthday party for my grandma today! She’s an incredible woman, and we felt it was especially important to celebrate with her this year. My grandpa passed away in February, and this was the first birthday she’s had since losing him. Today’s little shindig was also the reason I baked cupcakes yesterday, and the reason I had to bake another batch when the first ones slumped and burned (which was not my fault but was my problem).

Grandma caught a ride to church with a friend from her congregation this morning, like she does every Sunday. While she was away from the house, we descended with our trays of food, our folding chairs, and our party spirits. Since Grandma turned eighty-two, and since we didn’t want to outright startle the woman, a few of us were just sitting in her living room when she arrived home. Then person after person walked out of the kitchen or the basement to hug her and wish her a happy birthday.

We had the lovely kind of low-key gathering that was perfect for honouring a very special lady. Grandma’s two sisters, and her brother and sister in-law were there from out of town, too, and I know it meant so much to Grandma to celebrate with her siblings. Grandma got two fabulous bouquets, scads of lovely cards, and a couple of schmancy helium birthday balloons, which I’ll tell you about tomorrow. It’s a Mammal Monday sort of deal.

I’m so grateful we could spend time together today, and also very thankful that my grandma is in good health and can enjoy the company and treats that go along with a birthday party. I haven’t seen her laugh like she did today since my grandpa was alive, and I can’t tell you how happy my heart was to see such a big smile on her face.

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