In the Interest of Balance

I’m keeping it short today. There’s a huge pile of marking waiting for me on the kitchen table, and I need a decent sleep if I am going to survive this week. There are times when keeping things running here at Blue Speckled Pup is a minor task, but some weeks school and life join forces to make me feel like the proverbial chicken minus its foolish head.

Rather than write some witty discussion about life or pets or food or my uterus, I thought I’d share my first Christmas photo. It makes me think I should invest in an eyelet pinafore; it’s a great little look for me. Let’s ignore the fact that my butt looks enormous, please.

It's a rather realistic fake fireplace, for 1983.

Today I got up, took Sherm to daycare, swam my lengths, taught my heaviest day of the week, marked a bunch of stuff, built a quiz for tomorrow, compiled some resources, did my photocopying, stopped at the post office to buy penny stamps (don’t ask), picked up the dog, bought some groceries, threw my swimsuit in the wash, and sat down to write this post. By the time I got to my computer tonight, I knew I wouldn’t have much time or energy, so out came the old photos.

And now this nostalgic picture of bald little Kay reminds me: I need to start thinking about Christmas presents. Oy.

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  1. I can’t believe you even posted today. I would be fast asleep by now. I’m exhausted and I think I only accomplished half of those things.

    1. Kay at Blue Speckled Pup says:

      I post every day, come hellish essays (check) or high water (I swam today, so I think that counts). I think tomorrow night calls for an early bedtime.

      Keep in mind, though, there are no children here besides the mammals, so when I am home I don’t have to worry about kids: just me.

  2. Alice says:


    Btw…you remember your Axe post a couple days ago? My brother is visiting me for a couple days and lo and behold what kind of shower gel did he bring? STINKIN AXE.
    His defense was that it was the only shower gel that doesn’t dry his skin out. LIES!

    Murder to my olfactory cells. UGH! I told him if he used it again during the rest of his stay, I’m spraying Febreeze on him.

    1. Kay at Blue Speckled Pup says:

      “The only shower gel that doesn’t dry his skin out?” Sheesh. Buy the man some Dove, already. I hope for your sake there is a “guest” bathroom at your house!

      I say spritz him with febreeze or make him wear a dryer sheet around his neck. Anything to blunt the “axe.” My brother and his friends call very cheap men’s fragrance “whooooore (rhymes with sure) lure.” ‘Nough said.

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