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This weekend, I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by whatimeant2say. She’s an anonymous blogger with a fabulous bulldog named Wonderbutt, well sort of named that, and the woman is hilarious! Go on over and check her out if you haven’t been lucky enough to read her blog before. Based on the number of comments on her posts, I guess that she’s quite a bit more popular than me, so I’m tickled by the shout-out across the expanses of the internet.

Recognizing my nominator is step one of the award process. See above. The second part is passing the award along to other bloggers I think deserve a little pat on the back: fifteen of them to be specific.

Particularly since school’s been back in, I have had to trim my blog reading to meet the demands of my crazy job. Simply put, my evenings and weekends are packed full of school stuff like prepping and (oh joy!) marking, so spreading the love to my fellow bloggers has sadly fallen by the wayside.

Here is my very short list of five very enjoyable blogs. Check them out and meet some new friends.   Go read about MOV’s adventures this week. Don’t read with something in your mouth, though, or it might spray out your nostrils. Drop in on Carol and Susan, loving and involved mothers of two separate families, combined into one very interesting blog. I found Tamara recently; she’s also a 3-Day Novel Contest survivor, and I’m intrigued by her posts about self-publishing and by her career as a (getting paid) writer. This little gem was linked from a cooking website a friend of mine uses. It’s all about a momma working around her little guy’s food allergies, her preference for whole and organic foods, and her family’s tight budget. I don’t read many traditional “mommy blogs” but this one is irreverent and creative enough to keep me coming back. Cat writes about her basset hounds, if you couldn’t piece that together from the blog title, Emma and Chaps. Emma is extra special because she is a sweetie who lost both her eyes to a genetic defect. Cat is a huge supporter of basset hound rescue and a champion for responsible breeding with the health of the dogs as a critical goal.

The third part of this whole versatile blogger business is to tell you seven things about myself. Well. Haven’t I already told you nine thousand things about me? As the late great Mr. Mercury said, “The show must go on.”

1. I used to speak competitively with my 4-H club(s). I won more often than not and have 4-H to thank for being able to address an audience without fear. Go farm kids!

2. In my younger and less fearful of pain days, I sported a pierced tongue and bellybutton.

3. I love sugarless Juicy Fruit gum.

4. Peppermint anything makes me sneeze at least four times in a row. See number three.

5. I sing in the hallway at school; it’s very rare for anyone to join in.

6. There are six different scents and/or brands of anti-perspirant in my house. I like variety for my pits.

7. This is not my original nose. (We might talk about that another day).

Again, whatimeant2say, thanks for taking time to send a little bloggy love my way.

To all my regular readers, and to the folks who are visiting for the first time, you make my life better by being here. Love to you all.

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. tamarapaulin says:

    Thanks for the blaward! (That’s blog+award.) I don’t know if I even read 15 other blogs. Wait, that’s a fib, we know I do. 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome. I’ve been reading your stuff and getting more hooked by the day!

  2. Thank you so much Kay! What a nice way to start the day! This will be fun to follow. Have a great Wednesday and again, thanks for the nomination! Love, Cat, Chaps and Emma

    1. You’re welcome, Cat. I thought of you today when a parent had his 7 month old basset on the front lawn at school. His name was Achilles and he was raising heck out there!

  3. SUZANNE says:

    Kay, I am happy for you to get nominated by your peers. You are the first blog I read in the AM.! I also follow some of the same blogs you do and will definitly look at the new ones. Keep up the great writing.

    1. Thanks so much, Suzanne. The encouragement from all you lovely people is what keeps me chugging away at my laptop. : )

  4. You totally deserve it!!!! I can’t wait to check out your recommendations!

    1. Aww, you make me blush! It is great fun to read the recommendations of our peers, isn’t it?

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