On the Bright Side

Last summer ended suddenly with a snowstorm in September. In addition to the brutal end of the warmer weather, the trees didn’t change colour; all the leaves that should have been on fire throughout my neighbourhood and the nearby river valley simply turned brown and fell off to rot under the snow all winter.

This year, as much as I’m sad to see the leaves turning and signaling mitten weather right around the corner, I am thrilled to see the colours blazing up around the city. Best of all, there’s one going mad in my backyard!

No idea what kind of tree it is, but the colour is incredible.

It might be some kind of maple, based on the shape of the leaves, but there are also shiny red berries. I’m not sure what to make of it, but chances are very good that the magpies who torture poor Sherm in the backyard will be getting right drunk on those berries once they start fermenting. Yeehaw!

Does anyone know what these are?

Right now, the tree is at its prettiest, because the leaves are only partially changed to crimson. I was hoping to snap some photos on a sunny day so you could see my tree really glowing, but it’s Alberta and I don’t want to miss the leaves waiting on sunshine knowing what happened last fall.

I should really turn this into a painting for my kitchen or somewhere.

As always, these are unedited photos. I’m not going to boost the colour when I talk about how pretty my tree is, because I want my cherished readers to see what I’m talking about, for real. I think the neighbour guy (who barbeques in the alley, for cryin’ out loud) thought I was crazy when he caught me standing on my toes with a hot pink camera in my hand. Yes, my camera is fuchsia, and it makes me happy every single time I pull it out of the case.

My red tree is waiting for me when I pull into the driveway after work, and I can’t help but grin like a goon every time I come home. I know pretty soon the tree will be pathetic and dead, and mostly buried by the heaps of snow we scrape off the driveway, so I’m going to enjoy it for now.

The dog you're being warned about is Casey next door. I think if people are going to trespass on my property, they deserve whatever Sherm dishes out.

I hope it makes you happy, too.

copyright 2011:  http://bluespeckledpup.com


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  1. Great photos! It’s nice to see the trees still change color somewhere. Ours are too thirsty for water to put forth the effort.

    1. Is it a moisture thing when they don’t change? I guess that’s my new tidbit of knowledge for the day. Stay tuned for river valley photos next week. Our winters are horrid here, but the autumns can be truly stunning.

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