Giving Thanks

My family has always done the big dinners on the Sundays of the long weekends for Thanksgiving and Easter, largely because my folks didn’t want to have to get up for work after running themselves ragged cooking and eating and cleaning up from our rather ridiculous family meal the night before. Sunday has always been turkey day, and Monday has been the recovery buffer. I’m well aware that only Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, and that football and shopping have something to do with the American event a month from now, but I quite like our Thanksgiving in October.

In the spirit of tradition, today is officially Thanksgiving for me. Coincidentally, celebrating today allows me to maintain my blogging schedule by writing Mammal Monday as usual tomorrow; it’s going to be about Leroy, and it’s going to be a doozy: stay tuned.

I suppose I could do the cliched thing and rattle off all the things I’m thankful for. Really, that’s what folks expect me to do. In my life these days, however, the list of things for which I’m grateful is extensive, and my list would read much like the pieces of other bloggers out there who are as blessed as me.

Instead, I made a donation this morning to the Edmonton Women’s Shelter. There are astounding numbers of women across this country in abusive relationships, women who are afraid and feel the future is hopeless. The abused women who have managed to flee to shelters, many of whom have children, have often been battered emotionally and/or physically for extended periods of time. I’m very struck by the contrast between these women’s Thanksgiving weekends and my own. I’m also mindful of the fact that Canadian women’s shelters cannot keep up with the demand for safe housing for women in need. You can read more about shelters for abused women here at Statistics Canada.

Rather than solely basking in the blessings of your own life today, I challenge all Blue Speckled Pup readers to do something for people who are less fortunate. Whatever cause is close to your heart, please take the time to contribute what you can.

Maybe we can make Thanksgiving about giving everyone more opportunities to be thankful. Pass it on, friends.

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    1. I think so. I might make this a Thanksgiving tradition!

  1. Wonderful thing to do, and to be aware of Kay.
    An abused woman is in such a sad place emotionally, as well as often physically. The thoughts, habits, beliefs and perceptions that keep her stuck with someone who is unkind to her – and allow her to continue to make choices that erode her self-esteem are painful to watch.
    If only they were healthily loved as children so much so that they didn’t grow up thinking cruelty was love, and to abandon themselves so they can cling to someone unworthy rather than the pain of being alone with their loneliness.
    Infinite Blessings to you for your kindness – and to those women that they may become free and whole and healed and safe.

    1. “Free and whole and healed and safe,” is a wonderful thing to wish for abused women, isn’t it. Thank you for summing it up so nicely, Cinderella. Thanks also for you observations about the tragedy that occurs whenever a woman is treated like an object to control instead of like a human being to love.

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