Blue Hair Field Trip

This is my autumn break from school, and the weather is (so far) glorious and sunny, so I’m getting things done around the dollhouse and around the city. The Electrician jokingly called today my “blue hair field trip,” because I made arrangements to take both our sweet little grandmothers on an outing.

Don’t get me wrong: neither grandmother has blue hair, and neither of them act like little old ladies. Today, we me at my grandma’s house, and I drove us to lunch at Cora, followed by a surprise trip to the zoo. If you live in Canada and you’ve never been to Cora, I urge you to go. Pretty much everything on the menu arrives with a monstrous heap of fresh fruit, and all the food is homemade and delicious.

There was no one at the zoo, except for a field trip of little kids from some school and two young moms pushing kids in strollers. We had the place largely to ourselves. Both ladies were really excited when they realized where we were going, particularly The Electrician’s grandmother, who has lived in Edmonton for decades and never been to our zoo.

We giggled at the monkeys. We cooed at the wallabies. We even peeked at the snakes, although I saw my grandma shudder just a little at particular moments in the reptile house.

But the best part? Turning a corner and coming across the huge python, curled up tightly against the glass with this mouth open and his beady eyes pinning us to the spot. That’s when my sassy little grandma shook her finger at him and cried, “Don’t you even think about it, you nasty thing. You stay on your side of the glass, and I’ll stay on mine!”

I’m grateful for a lovely afternoon with two very lovely women.

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