Mind Reading Mister

A strange phenomenon keeps occurring in the dollhouse. It seems that whenever I wish for something, The Electrician somehow reads my mind and comes over toting whatever I wished for the next time I see him.

Take, for example, what happened yesterday. As you know, yesterday was most certainly not my day. The Electrician had no idea why my day was crummy, or even that I’d had a rough go (and I wisely gave him only the Cole’s Notes when I did explain), when he came over after watching the hockey game with his friends. He casually brought these with him:

While it’s certainly not unusual for The Electrician to bring me flowers, what’s funny is the the day before, when I was grocery shopping, I very nearly bought myself a hot pink bouquet since the grey weather made me crave something alive and colourful. In the interest of my budget and the fact that flowers are certainly an extravagance with Christmas shopping coming up and my power bill through the roof due to massive hikes in electricity rates, I walked away from the flowers I wanted to buy myself.

How weird is it, then, that my sweetie seems to bring me pink flowers when I’ve really been feeling like I could use some?

He’s also been known to read my mind and bring over dark chocolate, Pepsi slurpees, or pineapple strawberry bubble tea (no tapioca, just lychee pieces) on a whim at the same time I’ve been thinking about one of those yummy things. There’s even been a time or two when he brings the same thing I just picked up for myself. What does a couple do with extra slurpees? Pop them in the freezer!

All this apparent mind-reading makes me a little leery though. What happens when I’m thinking about something he doesn’t need to know, like what I bought him for Valentine’s Day? Will he be able to read my mind if I’m irritated by an ingrown armpit hair or I’m battling terrible gas?

Maybe I need to learn a little Harry-Potter style brain blocking, just for the sake of romance and mystery.

copyright 2011:  http://bluespeckledpup.com

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