The Waiting is the Hardest Part

How long can a person wait for something before the sizzle of excitement dwindles into lukewarm apathy?

Regular readers, and pretty much all the people in my real life, know I wrote for the 3-Day Novel contest again this Labour Day long weekend. So far, two friends have read my novel, The Rarest Kind, Indeed, in its entirety. Both readers are familiar with some of my past stuff, including my previous 3-Day entries, and have heartily approved of my manuscript. My colleague at work, also an English teacher, said it gave her chills: this a good thing, since we literary folk are so over-exposed to literature that relatively few pieces of fiction strike us deeply any more. The other beta reader was my bestie, who is a “tell-it-like-it-is” kind of woman: she wouldn’t tell me she enjoyed it unless the compliment was sincere, and she sent me texts about it featuring lots of exclamation points. Wahoo!

Interestingly, she also informed me that a character appears in one section wearing a green hat, and his hat magically transforms to a brown hat on the next page, which just happens to be two minutes later in novel time. Oops. The moment she informed me of my accessory-related error, my heart thudded a little at the thought of my manuscript sitting in an important room inhabited by important people, with that little landmine of a mistake just waiting to make a mess of things. I could have lived the next few months not knowing about the stupid hat, but like I said, my bestie gravitates toward bluntness.

Pardon me while I toot my own horn for  a moment. In case you’re wondering, my horn is a dented bugle sort of thing with a couple of dangly fuchsia tassels. It doesn’t really hold any notes, per se, but it makes a nifty racket sometimes. Ahem:

I’m really proud of what I accomplished in this year’s entry. This piece is my favourite of all the fiction I’ve completed as an grown-up writer, and I think it could do very well in the rounds of contest judging.

(End of bugle thingy mini-solo.)

Unfortunately, the contest results are not typically released until mid-January at the earliest. January! That’s a good three months away! I’m a pretty patient woman; after all, I do teach teenagers, but waiting another twelve weeks or more to find out how I did seems cruel. Imagine if, after some weird Olympic event preformed on a couch with a laptop and way too much Diet Pepsi, the judges told the athletes they should head home, and expect an email in just over four months to announce the medalists.

They just don’t do that to typical athletes because the delay would make for really, really dull t.v. Also, the Olympians have serious muscle going on, so I think the judges are (justifiably) terrified of angering them.

Since pretty much no one is afraid of me, I will continue to wait.

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  1. Cinderella says:

    Probably takes them forever to read them, but still, hard to bear the wait!

    So…. can I have a copy? Can I? Can I? I won’t tell anyone, and I’ll pay for the postage, and I really really really want to read it. NOW.
    Since you wrote it, You’ve already read it, so that seems fair to me:)

    Green hats into brown hats – urk! uh-oh.
    Love that your friend was paying such close attention though.

    1. Tell you what, Cinderella, I’ll send you a PDF right after the results are announced.
      Really, I wrote the thing so fast that I barely remember what happens in places!

  2. notquiteold says:

    There was a movie year ago…Bloodline, I think was the name, based on a terrible Sidney Sheldon book. Somehow they got the lovely Audrey Hepburn to appear. In one scene at the dining room table, she is wearing one dress, then when the camera comes to her again, she’s wearing a different dress…. and they had a lot longer than 3 days to get it right!
    (thanks for visiting my blog.)

    1. You know what, if the fabulous Ms. Hepburn can do a sudden costume change, I suppose my character can as well!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. I am so impressed by your writing on your blog, that I am sure your novel is spectacular. Hang tight. January will be here before you know it!

    1. Aww, thanks for such a sweet compliment. I think the last couple weeks are going to be the worst, when I know I’ll be checking my email every seven minutes, waiting for the results announcement.

  4. Cinderella says:

    The good thing about waiting until then is that with my memory being what it is lately, I’ll forget and it will be an awesome surprise:)

    You will show great restaraitn to only check your e-mail every 7 minutes:)

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