Update On Spike

I wrote yesterday for Mammal Monday about a sweet Boston terrier named Spike, who was attacked and left for dead in a garbage can this weekend in my hometown of Drayton Valley, Alberta. You can read my original post by clicking here.

Global News Edmonton featured a story about Spike tonight on the evening news. Click here to view the video segment to see Spike for yourself and to hear his owner Dillon speak about the ordeal.

I received good news that the x-rays taken today revealed, despite the extent of his cuts and bruises, that Spike does not have any broken bones. This incredible little dog is truly a survivor, and it’s clear to me his guardian angels kept him from sustaining worse injuries than he did. Currently, Spike’s rear legs are not functioning, and he is unable to walk or control his waste functions. Based on Spike’s x-rays, the vet believes his paralysis is related to nerves that are being pinched by swelling resulting from his injuries. After the swelling subsides, it is hoped he will regain the ability to walk, run, and play as he always has. Although he faces a long and challenging recovering, Spike is expected to return to health in time.

Spike’s family is dedicated to nursing him back to the vibrant life he enjoyed before he was attacked, and has expressed deep gratitude to the members of the immediate community of Drayton Valley, as well as to all the people all over who have heard Spike’s story and voiced their support.

A fund has been started in Spike’s name; it has been agreed that half the funds raised will go to pay Spike’s medical bills, which could be extensive, and the other half will be dedicated to building a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who chose to beat Spike nearly to death and toss him away like something worthless. I am waiting for an account number for this fund, which I will post here at Blue Speckled Pup as soon as it is available.

I know from site stats and readership counts that Spike’s story has been read hundreds of times here on my little blog. Readers, thank you for taking the time to read about a brave little dog who is alive against the odds. Someone out there knows who is responsible for Spike’s suffering and his family’s anguish. If you have any information that could be helpful in solving this crime please contact the authorities. We need to find the individual(s) who committed this horrendous attack to prevent more stories like Spike’s and to make my little hometown a safer place.

If anyone would like to send tips anonymously, please email me directly at bluespeckledpup@gmail.com and I will pass the information along on your behalf.

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