Mammal Mondays: Fur-Nace Season

Later than it usually happens by quite a few weeks, we’ve been below freezing at night and very crisp during the day, and it seems winter has decided it’s going to come this year after all. If you’re not from around here, please know that winter isn’t as horrible as it sounds; it’s just months of incredibly cold weather, heaps of snow, and the incessant longing for spring or a free vacation somewhere hot and sandy. The thing about cold days in Alberta is that they’re almost always accompanied by broad, clear skies, so a person can turn the heat up and sit by a window, dreaming of warmer days in a genuine sunbeam.

Leroy certainly has the right idea. He’s carved out a spot for himself near every furnace grate in the house, and the odds of finding himself in one of his at home vacation destinations are pretty incredible most chilly days. His favourite place to lounge and purr at the moment is in the kitchen, where he’s dragged Sherman’s towel right against the vent so the hot hair ruffles his whiskers. Sherman is trained to eat his treats and chew his chewables on his bed, and the towel in the kitchen is one I keep around so I don’t have to move the big one in from the living room, and Leroy has decided that the pup should share. He also realizes the towel matches his blue, blue eyes. It’s all about setting himself up to look good, really.

Snug as a Bug? You bet!

Now that the nights are frosty, unfortunately, Mr. Meow figures that the world revolves around him with an even stronger gravitational pull than normal. We’re now in the chilly season, which means that rather than sitting by the back porch and mewling until I open the door and let the sunbeam in for him, Leroy lies on Sherman’s his towel in the kitchen and cries until the furnace kicks in. If he’s in the livingroom while I’m writing my little bloglet or perched on the edge of the bathtub while I’m soaking, Leroy disappears with a happy chirp if the furnace starts up, leaving a pouf of loose hair in his wake.

He's just waiting for me to stop snapping photos: fur face wants a nap (again).

There are days when I’m envious of Leroy. Imagine if the thing that really toasted your bread happened numerous times daily, around the clock, for months on end.

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