Spike’s a Trooper!

Hello friends! I’m pleased to tell you that Spike, the sweet brindled Boston Terrier who was viciously beaten and left for dead in a garbage can a few weeks ago, continues to make slow but steady improvement. At the present time, he’s moving slowly but definitely starting to perk up and behave like himself.

I get frequent updates from Sarah, the woman I know back home who is managing the charitable fund for Spike’s vet bills and to provide a reward for information that puts the person responsible for Spike’s suffering behind bars, where violent scum belongs. Sarah described to me the other day how Spike struggles valiantly to pee outside like a normal male dog, but is hindered by the facts that his legs are still very stiff and his balance is a bit off. Apparently, when she was visiting him the other day the poor little guy managed the lean and lift, to a point, but then spritzed all over like a crazy lawn sprinkler. As much as I feel bad for giggling at him, I’m happy he’s at the point in his recovery where there’s something to grin about.

The glimmer of silver lining in the very dark cloud of Spike’s story is the support he and his owner, Dillon, have received from people who believe that pets should be treated with kindness and love. Many people have sent donations and best wishes in response to this horrifying incident, and numerous Blue Speckled Pup readers have contributed to the medical and reward fund, sending their love to this brave little dog.

Today, I need to take a moment to express my gratitude to my wonderful readers who took a some time out of their days and some dollars out of their wallets to support Spike and his family. You rock. I’m so pleased my efforts to get the word out have made a difference for Spike.

Nikki at Indigo Petz in Drayton Valley, Alberta (my hometown and Spike’s) said it best on Facebook yesterday when she responded to a very, very generous donation from one of my readers by saying:

“When you wonder what has become of the human race its so nice when someone does something out of the goodness of their heart like this.” 

Bless you, friends, for reaching out to help the smallest and weakest among us. My heart is lifted by the knowledge that people are still willing to help where there is a need and that violence and cruelty are not just “part of life these days” as so often seems the case.

You’ve warmed my little heart.

copyright 2011:  http://bluespeckledpup.com

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  1. Cinderella says:

    How is Spike doing this weekend?
    Please give him hugs and kisses from me and praise for him being so valiant!

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