New Knee Ninjabread Men

Last Christmas, The Electrician’s folks gave me these cookie cutters. I did a happy dance when I unwrapped them, because I had my eye on them for quite some time. Can we take a moment to appreciate the “ninjabread men” pun? Freaking brilliant!


Anyhoo, I haven’t been baking much lately, because my school schedule and huge classes are kicking my butt. Trust me: it’s Saturday night and I’ll be grading papers right after I finish this blog post, a sad state of affairs indeed. I also run a mildly successful blog and manage a house populated by two needy, hairy beasts. My days are very full. Baking tasty treats for my loved ones has certainly fallen a bit by the wayside as well.

Yesterday, however, I needed some yummies to add to the soups I made for my little Grandma, and I decided to make running my stand mixer doubly worth my while. I whipped up some gingerbread (with orange zest, yummy yum) and cut have the batch with my ninjabread men for funsies.

Then I had an idea. I had a wonderful, hilarious idea. Did I tell you The Electrician’s mom had her right knee replaced a couple weeks ago? She has a totally new joint and is healing nicely. Keep in mind that getting a whole new knee is a pretty serious overhaul, so there are lots of challenges to overcome in the process, but she’s a trooper and she’s doing well.

I sent her a dozen of these:

Kicking some knee-replacement butt.

She might not be ready for a flying drop kick, but things are looking good. Besides, who wouldn’t chuckle about ninjabread men with bandaids on their new knees?

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. That is adorable! What a great idea!

    1. Thanks! They were tasty too, as cookies need to be.

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