Introducing Stevie

In many circles, it’s in poor taste to show up at a person’s house with a surprise pet. In the same circles, returning something borrowed with a little something in it, like a casserole in a borrowed roasting pan, is an encouraged gesture. Something right at the crossroads of these guidelines happened to me this evening.

A friend I’ve known forever dropped by to return my little fish tank, the one I lent her last year when she needed to remove a fish from her main tank. She didn’t bring it back empty, though. The tank arrived back at my house today with a new resident.

Meet Stevie (as in Nicks, not Wonder) Cargo.

Stevie is the one on the left. The other big yellow gal came with Stevie's furnished apartment.

Ms. S. Cargo is some sort of mystery snail, which is apparently the actual name of this breed of gastropod, and she’s pretty yellow and pretty cute too. She has speckles on what I assume is her face, so she fits in around here. I had a snail cleaning up after my goldfish years ago, and my friend remembered how cool I thought my former snail was and picked out Stevie for me.

I think she’s sweet.

She's cruising now!

Funny how something with no spine and no eyes can bring a little cheer at the end of a long week, falling at the end of a very long month.

Welcome to the dollhouse Stevie! I hope you enjoy that big of lettuce I left for your dinner. I had French toast, but I know you’re a vegan so I didn’t offer to share.

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  1. Cinderella says:

    Snails fascinate me. I love watching them poke their heads out of their shells and extend their bodies. They are beautiful close up, with their little antennae.

    How is Spike doing?

    1. Aren’t snails peaceful? I would love to be able to scoot around in the water and just breathe through my face while submerged.

      Spike continues to do well. I haven’t heard much for a couple weeks, but I know he is well out of danger, if still pretty far from the finish line.

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