Christmas Finery

I just got off the phone with my momma, who described going to visit the kids she works with at the elementary school back home. For today’s monthly assembly, the students were all asked to dress in their Christmas finest to get in the spirit of the season. She said they looked adorable, and the crushed velvet, clip on ties, sweater vests and ruffles went on for miles.

I guess it is December, isn’t it? Quite frankly, so much crap has been going on in my little life that I haven’t thought about the changeover of the months beyond the much-appreciated fact that November (the most wretched month in recent memory) is now finished.

To celebrate the Christmas countdown, here’s a photo of me in my first official Christmas finery. I’d appreciate you skipping the bald jokes.

I think I should bring the pinafore back. Hey, it worked with bell bottoms, right?

Like all good photographs taken in a church basement, this one includes the tacky backdrop with the festive tree and crackling fire print. I suppose it’s a wise idea to avoid propping a toddler next to a roaring fire, and I’m allergic to conifers, but that background is more than just a little cheesy.

‘Tis the season, folks. Be safe, have fun, and go locate yourself a fake fireplace. I hear you can find one on television these days.

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