Slobber Therapy

There are weeks that seem to be endless and way too much for one person, like walking more than an intelligent distance while carrying way too heavy a bag and wearing shoes that create epic blisters. In the rain. This is one such week, and it is Tuesday.

What does a dollhouse dweller do when the whole world seems to be beating a soup pot incessantly with a ladle? She comes home to this guy.

Did your day just get seven notches better? I thought so.

There’s something about puppy breath and a snoogy nose that just fixes up all the things that are wrong on a given day. As long as Sherman doesn’t fart while we’re snuggling, life improves dramatically as soon as he lays his head on my knee. He’s the best kind of therapy I know of.

Let me know if you need to come over and soak up some Speckled Pup love. It helps. I promise.

How many of us would allow photos of ourselves with our noses at the worst possible angles to be posted all over the internet, and then look so gosh darn happy about it.

I doubt I’ll ever have a day where I don’t end up totally covered in pet hair: that’s a good thing.

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  1. Cinderella says:

    Such a lovey boy! Our pets are definitely the bestest friends ever!
    You can just tell Sherman is a love muffin extrordinaire:)

    How is Spike doing?

    1. Yes, I don’t doubt for a moment the enrichment my mammals bring to my life.
      Spike continues to improve a bit at a time. The vet doesn’t want him jumping around while he finishes healing, but Spike is feeling so good that it’s hard for him to keep all four paws on the ground.

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