Mammal Mondays: Brotherly Love

Being proud mom to two mammals means I am constantly entertained. It also means I am constantly scooping poop. I know many dogs don’t like cats and vice versa, but Leroy and Sherman have been madly in love since the day they first sniffed each other’s butts.

Remember that Sherman came home as a baby to the dollhouse, where Leroy was already firmly imbedded as the alpha mammal. For the speckled one, there has never been a question that Leroy belongs here and that Leroy also deserves his respect. Note that the respect thing only applies to Leroy’s physical being, not to his toys or his food, which Sherman regularly pilfers.

These days, maybe because it’s cold(ish) out or maybe because Leroy’s heart is growing extra huge with the Christmas spirit (I vote for the first option) Mr. Kitty regularly tries to snuggle up with his brother. Generally, Sherman loves a good snuggle and puts up with Leroy’s purring, shedding, licking annoyances.

Neither looks impressed. It's a cat breath/dog breath issue, I think.

Affection reached an all-time high this weekend when The Electrician was scratching Sherm’s ears in the livingroom. Leroy simply cannot stand by and watch another living thing get all the attention, so he weaseled his way into the prime location for a good snuggle.

Brothers lick each other's eyebrows all the time. It's part of growing up.

Sherman was impressed indeed, partly because he was suddenly sharing a lap and partly because cat tongues are less than pleasant on a guy’s cornea. Leroy purred like he was the diesel in a television truck commericial. The Electrician, ever the pinnacle of equity when it come to mammal affection, tried his best to please everyone.

That’s how I got this excellent photograph.

Oh, Electrician. Even your elbows are handsome.

There they are, folks. The three hairy dudes I love.

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  1. Carol says:

    Great picture Kay! I have three hairy dudes I love here too. Well, if you count the four legged animals I guess it is really 7 hairy dudes. Three two leggers and four 4 leggers… Bluebell and I are the lone females in a house full of males. Oy!!!

    1. I always count the humans and the pets together. We’re all mammals, after all. Only you and Bluebell? You are an island of elegance in a sea of masculine practicality.

      Since Sherman and Leroy are neutered, and I had a hysterectomy, we joke that The Electrician is the only one who still has all his original parts. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I am lucky to be surrounded by such handsomeness.

  2. FL Liz says:

    That IS a great photo. The Electrician’s T-Shirt brings out the gray in Leroy’s eyes, Sherman looks quite comfy and I’ll bet there’s a great smile on the face above the photo.

    1. It turned out pretty well! Thanks Liz. You’re right about The Electrician’s smile: it’s my favourite grin on the planet.

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