Today was a long one with an ugly start. At some point this morning, I was laying in bed, awake feeling pleased that my eyes were open before the alarm started up but reflecting that I felt remarkably rested for a woman who marked papers until midnight and drifted off some time after one. When my foggy morning brain realized there was no way I should feel rested on so little sleep, I sat straight up in bed, squinted at the alarm clock, and felt my stomach roll violently when I realized I was two minutes late.

Before you start thinking I’m a morning person who was up at 6:52 instead of 6:50, please be advised that by two minutes late, I mean that I was already two minutes past the time I needed to leave for work. To add to the entertainment, I also needed to be on time for an important meeting. Murphy’s Law knows where I live. Heck, it has a magazine subscription delivered here.

When a day starts with a frantic rush out the door wearing yesterday’s socks, immediately followed by a tense drive to school during which I tried unsuccessfully to smooth my crazy hair at the red lights, it’s hard to get things back on track. I’m not just talking about my hair.

It should be a criminal offense for an alarm clock company to produce a device on which the snooze button lives right next door to the off button.

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  1. I never thought of that! Why do they place those buttons next to each other? I think you should sue.

    1. I think it’s all part of an alarm clock sales scheme, where unsuspecting working folk replace their clocks continually in hopes of finding an alarm clock where the buttons are far enough apart that such disasters don’t happen.

  2. wildirish16S says:

    Oh no! I strongly detest those mornings! My fight with the alarm clock starts when I set the time (usually a half hour ahead). Then I set, not one, but 2 alarms. One on the radio clock and one on my cell phone. My cell is the back up one, on the other side of the room, so I actually have to get up and shut it off. The number of times I’ve sleep walked and shut it off though…….I hope the rest of your day went a little smoother!!

    1. My problem is that The Electrician hits the snooze button if he’s here, and he thinks he’s being sweet by letting me doze a little longer. The rest of the day was okay, thanks.

  3. FL Liz says:

    There is not much more horrifying than what you described. I’ve lived that and also dreamed about waking up after ‘leave the house’ time. *shudder*. Yep, I eventually had to keep my alarm clock across the room. That helps….mostly.

    1. Across the room? I think I’d just learn to sleep through it if I set mine up that way.

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