Goodnight 2011

So this is it. 2011 is closing up shop and making way for what I hope will be a fabulous 2012. I could wax poetic about my many blessings over the past year, or write about the things I am happy to leave behind me, but I’m really not feeling sentimental.

May your food and drink be delicious tonight, and no greedy idiot snake the last nanaimo bar from under you. May the person you kiss at midnight be cute, actually mean it, and have fresh breath. May you find somewhere appropriate to vomit if doing so becomes necessary.

As a non-drinker, I will have zero sympathy for you if you wind up hugging your toilet later. Just saying.

From everyone here in the dollhouse to you and yours, all the best for a safe, prosperous, and happy New Year.

We hope 2012 is filled with your favourite things.

Please, please make sure you have a safe and sober ride home tonight. Arriving at the New Year in an ambulance (or a hearse) isn’t all that festive, folks. Take care of yourselves.

copyright 2011:

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  1. Now this is why I think reading blogs is so educational. I had to look up nanaimo bars because I had never heard of them. Now I MUST make these. They look delicious! Instead, tonight, I will be eating Oreo Truffles. Equally, if not more, decadent!

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