Tattoos and a Bad Stinkin’ Attitude

The Electrician is really into television dramas, but he prefers to see them on DVDs to avoid waiting for a new episodes every week. I’ve started watching them with him when school isn’t too busy. We’ve worked our way through every episode of Supernatural, except the latest installment, and we’ve guffawed through three full seasons of Arrested Development. Lately, we’re completely into Sons of Anarchy, which my sweetie had never seen but got from his little brother as a Christmas gift.

Last week, when I was still luxuriating in my winter break and trying not to think about my inevitable return to school, The Electrician asked me if I wanted to watch Sons of Anarchy with him. The exchange went something like this:

“Hey Buttercup, you want to maybe watch some of my new show?”

“Uh, perhaps. What was is again?” I think I was blogging when he posed this inquiry so I may have been a bit distracted.

Sons of Anarchy. Mom and I watched it yesterday. It was good.”

“You and your mom watched an episode yesterday?”

“No, Mom and I watched the season yesterday.”

This is when I looked up from the laptop. “The entire season. Isn’t that like–”

“–Twelve or thirteen episodes. Something like that.”

Now he had my attention. “So, love, you watched the whole thing yesterday, and now you want to watch it again?”

“Uh huh. It was really good.”

“And it’s about what, exactly? I have no idea what a Son of Anarchy is. I know what Anarchy is, though.” Anarchy, for the uninitiated, is the greatest fear of all junior high teachers. The greatest fear of all primary school teachers is split between head lice and one kid telling the whole class Santa Claus is a big jolly lie.

“It’s a biker gang. The Sons of Anarchy is a biker gang. Harleys. In leather and stuff.”

“Meh. I don’t know, sweets. I’m really more into men with washed hair. Plus, riding on the back of a motorcycle would destroy my curls. I would be a big frizzy mess.”

“Just try it. You didn’t think you’d be into Supernatural either, after all, you pretty much cried when we went to that scary movie last year,” (True story I am sharing with you in the interest of blogging authenticity. It was Season of the Witch. It was terrible. It was also terrifying.) “I bet you like this one.”

I agreed to watch one show as a trial run. The good news about a program on the DVD player at home is a person’s ability to just turn it off if it gets scary or too stupid to continue investing time in it. I figured this whole biker gang thing was a fairly safe bet, as long as it stayed in my living room.

Guess what. It’s probably the best show I’ve seen in the last five years. The characters are layered, believable, and varied. Every episode develops the members of the Sons of Anarchy MC a little bit more, and every event moves the plot forward at an ideal pace, rarely ruining the twists that keep things so flipping interesting. The Electrician laughed at me several times during the first season’s episode because I had to keep scraping my jaw off my knees. (He did have to remind me the characters are recorded and cannot respond to my frantic advice as we viewed: I rarely talk to the screen, but I do regularly watching S.O.A.) Even the music is engaging. I rate the show a ten of ten, and I am very fussy, particularly in terms of well-written plot and dialogue.

I am well aware that members of an outlaw motorcycle club are the “bad guys” in practical ways of viewing the world. This show is so good, though, that I can’t help but root for the rule breakers. Most of all, I’m pretty attached to this dude:

Ryan Hurst as Opie

Yeah. That’s Opie. I have a major television crush on the guy. At times, particularly when he’s seen a barber and a beard trimmer, this leather-sporting fella looks good. Actually, he looks quite a bit like The Electrician. Enough said.

I’m not trying to recommend Sons of Anarchy broadly to everyone I know. Let’s be realistic here: this is a show about bikers. The S.O.A. are a gun-running troupe of dangerous men with too many tattoos and zero regard for the law. (Give them a break, the club is called “Sons of Anarchy,” not “First Cousins of Mild Social Rebellion.”) This show is spiced rather heavily with foul language, sex, substance abuse, and violence. Extra heavily on the violence, actually.

You’ve been warned. If’ you’re also intrigued (after all, The Electrician’s mild-mannered mom enjoyed it so it’s not out of control) I suggest you give it a go and see if you aren’t wildly engaged in the characters and the story.

I wonder if the new tenant is confused by all the gun-fire and motorcycle noises coming from my television. For all he knows, I’m a mild-mannered English teacher. That’s the story I’m sticking to.

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  1. Weird. I was just reading about that show in the paper, and thought it looked intriguing. I might have to give it a whirl!

    1. Definitely give it a go: just make sure Dimples is in bed first.

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