Mammal Mondays: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Straight out of Old Man Winter’s icy butt crack, Alberta has hit a painful cold snap. By tomorrow night, it’s supposed to be -47 Celsius with the wind chill. This is true prairie cold. We don’t talk outside right now because it makes our teeth ache. I’m very careful my hands are completely dry before I try to open the door to let the dog out, or I’ll freeze my skin to the door handle just enough to really sting. I haven’t asked him, but I’m quite certain Sherman’s turds are hitting the ground frozen, then bouncing across the snow like golf balls.

Luckily for the mammals, their outside time is minimal right now. Actually, Leroy never goes outside at all, but hides under the little stool The Electrician made for me last Valentine’s Day, which is currently positioned perfectly to contain the heat from the kitchen vent, like so.

He's huddled under there for safety, counting his blessings as an indoor cat.

Sherman is shaking so hard in the backyard that he can barely cock his back leg to pee. I guess that’s what happens to a short-haired dog in this kind of cold. Part of me feels bad for the poor guy, and part of me thinks if he spent less time sniffing around for the right spot to make his deposit and just cut to the chase, he wouldn’t have to suffer outside quite as long.

Either way, he’s always very happy to get back inside and cuddle up in his chair. See his smug grin?

I would love to lay in a snug chair all day, but someone in this house needs to work for a living.

Please send hot chocolate and long johns. It’s going to be a long, teeth chattery week.

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  1. I LOVE that picture of Sherman. He looks like he is in absolute paradise! You should not have to work when it is that cold. Tell everyone I said so. Don’t tell them I’m from San Antonio, and it was 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) here today.

    1. I think you’re right that he’s in paradise. I would love to spend a day curled up in that day, even if I did have to pee outside.

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