The Purloined Sweater

Since winter has hit, I’ve spent my weekends and evenings wearing The Electrician’s cast off hoodies. I suppose it’s a cliche for women to wear their sweeties’ sweaters, but I’m okay with that. There is something about zipping myself into one of his hoodies, which I swim in, that makes me feel cosy and secure. It’s like a fleece-lined suit of armour, really.

I’m not wearing his hoodies after he’s worn them. That would make more sense, since then I could enjoy wearing sweaters that smell like him in addition to offering me comfort and warmth. I am also not wearing his nice, new hoodies, just the ones with holes, barbeque stains, or frayed sleeves he can’t quite bear to throw away or cut up for rags yet. I have more or less commandeered two or three of the sweaters he rarely wears (or that he forgot here once too often) and now use them for my own purposes. Right now, I’m wearing the brown one with the fuzzy hood lining, which always manages to collect a stray sock or pair of undies in the dryer. I will never wear it out of the house without checking it for ginch again after the “incident” at Safeway.

I am quite sure that most women steal their mens’ clothes at times. I like The Electrician’s sweaters because I can wear a t-shirt and one of my own hoodies under them with room to spare. All these layers are a bit of a survival tactic when the weather is really cold or when I’m tired and achy.

When I’m cosy, I seem more productive. I just sent my entry to the Canada Writes contest. What I missed when I first read about the contest was the ultra super bonus prize in addition to the $6000 cash. The contest winner gets a two-week all-inclusive residency at the Banff Centre in the Leighton Artist’s Colony, which is the most crunchy granola-sounding place around here. How incredible would it be to have two weeks where a person could just write and relax, and write some more? I may have to look into treating myself to a stay there, regardless of how this competition pans out.

Report cards are almost done. I’ve killed off some of the scary, furry things out of my fridge. Laundry is almost done. I think these giant hoodies are the source of all my productivity.

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  1. I think I might need to borrow one of those hoodies.

    1. Come on over. I could sign them out like library books. Three week loan, a buck a day late fees.

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