Mammal Mondays: Fading Fast

The Electrician and I picked Sherman up at the kennel on our way back from Jasper yesterday afternoon. He’d had a bath and looked fabulous. He also had that new dog smell. As much as I miss the little booger while we’re apart, I feel no guilt whatsoever about leaving him with the wonderful family who runs the kennel. I always feel thrilled when we pull up in front of the kennel, knowing soon I will load my boy up and take him home again. It’s a heart-warming feeling to see a dog who has missed you; there is never any accusation that the pooch has been abandoned, only joy at seeing (and licking) your face.

Also, when Sherman comes home from the kennel, he is so tired he can only wag his tail instead of his whole body like he usually does. The poor guy drags himself to the Element and often needs a boost to climb into the back seat.

Belted in and already thinking about sleep.

Usually, Sherm loves a car ride. He sits silently on his seat in the back, wearing his doggie seatbelt and watching the world zing by his window. After the kennel, he is largely disinterested in whatever everyone else it up to: he just wants to get the snoring started.

He looks indignant. Sorry Sherm. There's nothing wrong with being sleepy, even if it makes your eyes look in two slightly different directions.

Mister Man gave me the look that says, “Take me home Mother. I want my bed.” Almost immediately afterward, his head started bobbing as he attempted to stare out the window at the cows along side the rural highway we took to get back to the main drag. At one point, I heard his claws on the glass and turned around to give him heck, only to realize he had placed one paw up on the window frame in an effort to find a place to rest his chin.

The eyes are at half-mast, and his chin keeps dipping.

Moments later, we heard a deep sigh from the back seat. Sherm finally found a comfy place to rest his speckled head.

Awkward, but he usually sleeps in that position in the car.

He didn’t move again until The Electrician opened the door to let him out at home. Even then, he looked at us like we were crazy for asking him to wake up and get moving when he was so cosy. I love the first few days after the kennel, when Sherman is sort of zoned out and happy to just cuddle. This morning he willingly put himself back to bed after his breakfast and morning poop.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little break from Mr. Go Go Go.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. I know exactly what you mean! Great pics. Love the “Mr. Go Go Go!”

    1. I wish we didn’t live a zillion miles apart. I think Wonderbutt and Sherm would have a riot playing together.

  2. Cinderella says:

    He’s adorable. Sweet tired out from partying too much at the doggy day care boy:)

    1. We love doggy daycare. It’s called Sadie’s K-9 Stay and Play, and it’s the greatest place on earth for a friendly dog.

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