Remembering Howie

Today is the one-year anniversary of my Grandpa Howie’s death. I wrote about him several times immediately after he passed away, and I’ve re-read those posts today to remind myself how far I’ve moved in my grief in the months he’s been gone. I still miss that guy like you wouldn’t believe.

I consider myself lucky on many counts regarding my relationship with my grandpa. I am blessed to have had the kind of grandfather I did. I am also fortunate to have spent as much time as I did with him as an adult. Hanging out with my grandparents as a “grown up” gave me a much deeper appreciation of them than I think I could have had if I had lost them during my childhood. The depth of my affection for him makes life without him tough. Many times things have happened I’ve wanted to talk to him about, and every time I’ve had to remind myself I can’t just dial him up on the phone anymore.

Grandma wore that dress decades before Kate Middleton.

Tonight, we’re all going for fancy steak as a family. Savouring a juicy slab of beef is a good way to remember Howie, who appreciated family and delicious food above most things.

I hope they’re serving prime rib where he’s dining tonight, too, with a big ol’ Yorkshire pudding on the side. Howie was a fan of the classics.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ron Hotte says:

    i miss him too

    1. Every day, Uncle Ron. Every day.

  2. That is a great way to remember your grandfather – celebrating with family.

    1. Thanks. It was nice to be together. I don’t think this date will ever be the same.

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