The Case of the Missing Muffins

Today is not an ideal day for baked goods in the dollhouse. While cooking four things at once (spaghetti sauce, papardelle for that sauce, yummy chicken, and cinnamon buns) I somehow forgot to sprinkle the dough for my rolls with cinnamon before rolling them up. This in itself could have been turned around by simply unsealing the tube of dough and adding the spice, but I didn’t realize my omission until the buns were sliced and rising. I sprinkled a little cinnamon over top, but I know they won’t be quite the same. I’m sure The Electrician won’t even notice.

Really, the cinnamon buns are not what concerns me. A person can hide just about any error under cream cheese frosting. The big issue today is that I somehow managed to lose two muffins.

These were not just any muffins, folks. The little pastries in question were the result of last weekend’s culinary work bee, made with zucchini, carrot, raison, apple, coconut and pineapple. They are the next thing to fat-free, light, tasty and currently living, paired up in ziploc bags, in my freezer. I’ve pulled a couple baggies to take as breakfast to work this week, but today I wanted some and put a couple on the kitchen counter to thaw. An hour later, I opened the bag and set them on top of it to let the moisture out so the things wouldn’t become bread puddings while I waited.

This is where things get fuzzy. When I realized I wanted a snack and started looking for my muffins, they were nowhere to be found. I have been working in the kitchen and tidying in general today, so I figured I’d probably just moved them to a safer place. The problem is, I couldn’t find the stupid things. I checked all the cupboards, the microwave–I sometimes tuck things in there to keep the cat from getting them. The muffins were not in the fridge, back in the freezer, or in the garbage. They were not roasting away in the oven with the chicken. They were not sitting in the porch or anywhere in my bedroom. I even checked the laundry room and came up with nothing.

Finally, I gave up. I still really wanted my pair of little fruit and veggie muffins, but I really didn’t want to wait for another pair to thaw. Before you suggest I could have just zapped a couple, be advised these little babies are so moist (thank you applesauce) that they would become mush in the microwave very rapidly. There is only one solution left to the case of the missing muffins.

The accused, feigning innocence.

The muffins were at the back of the counter, resting almost against the backsplash, and tucked slightly behind my Kitchenaid mixer. I really did think I’d covered basic baked goods security as far as the mammals were concerned. Sometimes I forget Sherman is built like a supermodel, Blue Steel style. His long, slender legs really could have allowed him to pluck my snack right off the counter with little effort. He must have executed the theft when I zipped downstairs to move my laundry over to the dryer. Bad dog!

Now, we wait. Sherman took it upon himself to enjoy foods, like pineapple, that are complete foreigners to his digestive tract. There’s also the not insignificant issue of the raisins in those muffins. Grapes and their progeny are highly toxic to dogs, even when swallowed whole and surrounded by cinnamon and nutmeg. I’ll be watching the speckled one for the next couple days to see how he does.

Wait: Sherman had about four days’ worth of fibre for a dog in two chomps. I’m quite sure it will all come out okay in the end.

Should I be worried that the baggie is also missing?

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. tAmArA [_] says:

    Poor boo! I hope it all comes out okay “in the end.”

  2. Poor Sherman. Convicted by circumstantial evidence. He needs a new lawyer.

  3. Cinderella says:

    Guilty as the poop will show (lol)!
    I’d definitely worry about the plastic bag, but I cannot fathom him eating it.
    Maybe he ‘hid’ it somewhere in the house after he (allegedly) wolfed the muffins down?
    Clever dog. Ingenious. Crafty. Ah yes, waaaay smarter than people give him credit for.

    p.s. It isn’t really a theft considering he’s family:)

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