Mammal Mondays: Hairballs, Supersized

Leroy is a lover, not a fighter (usually). This means he loves to kiss everyone, anytime, anywhere. Things get particularly awkward when he decides he would like to join me for a cuddle in the bath and perches on the edge of my soaker tub, attempting to lick my shoulder and totally oblivious to the fact most of his tail is underwater.

For the most part, though, I’m glad Leroy feels the need to spread his joy for life wherever her goes. I haven’t decided whether he is a calculating casanova, continually plotting the best way to find himself some lovin’, or if he’s more like that big red monster from the Bugs Bunny cartoons. I just looked him up. His name is Gossamer, which is so ironic that even I think it’s over the top. Sometimes, when Leroy gallops toward an available lap I swear I see a thought bubble that reads, “And I will love him and squeeze him…” Actually, scratch all that. Leroy is Lennie from Of Mice and Men, except he’s never killed a mouse in his life. He has no concept of manners or propriety; he just wants to love and be loved.

The only serious downside to all this kitty love is Leroy’s tendency to bathe his large, speckled buddy.

As much as Sherman appreciates the grooming sessions, I think maybe he appreciates Leroy’s full-out purr, he punishes the cat sooner or later for loving him so much. Sadly, Leroy’s feline digestive tract is made to tolerate small amounts of his soft, fine cat hair. Sherman has dense, coarse hair that falls away in handfuls at times. The result is rather like trying to run aquarium gravel through your blender: by the time anyone realizes what a bad idea the whole procedure was, there’s lots of terrible noises and no going back.

Note from my attorney: Blue Speckled Pup does not endorse placing gravel or stones of any size, type, colour, or origin in a blender or in any other household appliance. Do not attempt to put at home, at work, or while camping. The above mention was an analogy attempted by a professional hyperbolist in a controlled setting. Kay at Blue Speckled Pup assumes no responsibility for the activities you undertake with your blender. She does recommend that if you must put rocks in a blender, you ensure you wear safety glasses and play bad-ass rock music during the experience, and use a blender belonging to someone you do not like and do not want to like you. 

A cat hairball looks something like a cat poop, except for differences in colour, texture, and the fact that hairballs are aquatic life forms never found outside their own private swimming pools. When Leroy horks up a Sherman hairball, it looks more like a writhing mass of possessed steel wool than something made through canine-kitty cooperative efforts. I’m sure it scrapes the poor cat’s tummy and throat to shreds as well on the way up. He also sounds like the star of a zombie movie during his upchuck heaves. Poor guy.

How does one prevent the tragedy that is the dog hairball coming from the cat? Any advice is sincerely appreciated, but please note that we live in Alberta, Canada, and cannot consider shaving Sherman to speckled stubble.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. lexy3587 says:

    that is the most adorable picture ever. SO sweet! 🙂 I have no suggestions, but really don’t want Leroy to stop doing the adorable.

  2. pipersmom says:

    Lol, poor Leroy. Maybe try putting something bad tasting on Shermans coat for a few days till Leroy desides cleaning Sherman isn’t as fun as it use to be?

    1. He really does seem to be a sucker for punishment, doesn’t he. I’m worried about putting something on Sherman’s coat in case it causes problems when he goes to daycare. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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