Mammal Mondays: In Your Face

Leroy is the kind of cat who must, and I do mean must, be next to–preferably on top of–his people at all times. Some might call it affection, but I’m convinced Leroy’s clinginess is actually his way of claiming ownership of me. He was up to his usual tricks yesterday, fighting my MacBook for the valuable real estate of my lap and purring like an outboard motor.

I decided to go with it rather than fight him. Either way, whether I gave in or managed to shoo him away (highly, highly unlikely) I was going to end up covered in hair and cat slobber. Ever the blogger looking for the next story, I got right up in Leroy’s business with my little point and shoot camera. Here, just for you, are a series of photos that demonstrate what life with Leroy is really like. He’s Mr. Up Close and Personal, and today you get to enjoy him too, minus the cat breath.


The Electrician is my beautiful assistant in some of these shots. A gal only has so much lap.

It seems everyone around here has pink noses. Only half the noses are wet, though.

And only some of us drool.

Finally, though, after attempting seventeen different ways to make himself comfortable, Leroy finds just the right spot and hunkers down for a snooze.

Come over some time and experience Mr. Snuggles in person. Just don’t wear black pants or anything made of velvet.

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  1. } tAm { says:

    He is SO beautiful! I am a huge Leroy fan and I have two orangies in my house that need a lot of attention, so I understand where you’re coming from.

    1. Leroy thanks you for your generous compliment. He has been growing more gingeresque in the last few years. He was almost entirely white as a kitten but his red keeps getting darker.

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