Summer Lovin’

To all my friends out there in the blogiverse, please know I have not forgotten about you or turned into a virtual snob. I’m making an effort to cruise the internet less right now to help give my battered paws a chance to heal up and avoid more acupuncture. To make life even more fun, I also found out my report cards need to be finished before I go for spring break next week rather than when I get back the second week in April. It’s a computer system thing. I’m a bit beyond stressed at the moment, and totally swamped as we prepare for our big trip in eight short days. I look forward to catching up on your blogs once life settles down a bit for me. I hope you are well and send you our best from the dollhouse.

Now, on happier matters, summer is coming. Truthfully, spring is just around the corner, but I’m going to dream big and think about six glorious weeks to relax and enjoy all the best my favourite season has to offer.

I took this photo approximately seven seconds after we left the fruit market.

I look at this photo at least once a week. It’s helped me power through the dark winter months, where I eat overpriced, underflavoured fruits from the other side of the planet. In a few short months, friends, I’ll be enjoying succulent morsels like this beautiful raspberry, grown right here in Canada.

Before the GMO people start flapping, we grow berries that big in BC, one province over. This is not a freak raspberry on drugs. I bought it, grown naturally in beautiful BC, in a paper basket with a hundred and eight of its closest nubby ruby friends.

There’s something about eating myself sick on fresh fruit that just says, “summertime.”

The countdown is on, folks.

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  1. Give your hands lots of rest. We’ll be here when you return!

    1. Thank you, lovely woman. I appreciate it.

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