Mammal Mondays: Meet Jasper

Come on now. Did you really think I would skip a Monday, even if I am on a whole new continent? Sherman is happy at the kennel back home, of course, so I’m writing about the resident dog, Jasper.

He's just as sweet as he looks.

Jasper belongs to The Electrician’s sister’s family. He was named after the little Alberta mountain town where The Electrician’s sister and her husband got married a few years ago. He’s (obviously) a black labrador and he’s everything you’d expect a lab to be. Over the last few years, Jasper has settled out of his puppyness and into his role as big “brother” to The Electrician’s nephew. It takes a special dog to handle an eighteen month old crawling all over him–without complaining or finding a place to hide. Jasper is gentle and patient, and everything a family dog should be.

Jasper’s favourite thing about having a small child in the house is the food. Since the little guy came along, Jasper has eaten all the new foods along with him, usually off the floor but sometimes stolen boldly off the tray of the high chair. I’ve always been told labs have eager stomachs and will eat anything, and Jasper is a lab in every sense.

Noble, isn't he?

It’s much easier to get by without the Sherminator when I have another pair of chocolate eyes to melt my heart and another pair of soft ears to scratch.

I promised Jasper people all over the world would know his name this week. Here you go, big guy.

Mammal Monday is clearly an unstoppable force. Stay tuned for tomorrow, when Blue Speckled Pup heads to Kuwait via Frankfurt. If I’m late posting, we can blame it on the jet lag, which will be the scapegoat for any and all errors in this blog between now and Easter.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. He’s no Sherman, but he sure is cute!

    1. Jasper is definitely a sweetie.

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