Mammal Mondays: Super Bonus Edition: Here, Kitty Kitty

In reviewing my posts since I’ve been overseas, I was dismayed that I somehow missed a post one day last week. Apparently, I didn’t publish anything on March 29th. Oops. I blame the jet-lag, the fact that the UK sprang forward in Daylight Savings Time while we were there last week, and the eleven hour time difference between Kuwait and Edmonton. Somehow, I didn’t time stuff right, and my computer and blog are still running on Mountain Time, so please excuse my slip up. I’m quite peeved with myself since I have been writing a post per day for 358 days straight, and then I screwed it up with a week to go in my year of daily blogging. Bah!

The good news is today’s super bonus edition of Mammal Mondays! I’m writing a second post today to make up for the one I missed on the 29th. Can we call it even for the year of blogging? Internation travel with snarls in flight schedules is not the friend of a regular writing routine.

On many occasions since they’ve moved over here for work, The Electrician’s mom has mentioned the cats that roam Kuwait’s streets. There are many feral cat colonies around the city, and they come out mostly at night after the heat has faded.

Kitty asleep on the shore rocks, which are very warm from the sun.

At first I thought the striped beauty above was dead, but she was just very deeply and peacefully asleep. By the state of her nipples, she’s a momma, and not for the first time. Kuwait does not intervene with the huge population of cats, so they reproduce again and again and perpetuate their own cycle.

Another one I spotted near the sleeping cat.

The cats tend to congregate around busy areas and can be quite aggressive; The Electrician’s mom warned me most emphatically to avoid touching or even approaching them. Many of the cats I saw close up were missing chunks of their ears and faces from fighting, and I have seen many dirty, pathetic looking creatures. It’s not uncommon to hear of people putting out poison for the cats, which twists up my animal-loving heart. I also know that the only effective way to control a feral population is to spay or neuter its existing members, because if cats are killed off, their territory will be open for living cats to move in, where they will breed more feral kitties. These poor babies live ugly, brief lives, and it makes me sad.

There was a lively troupe of cats when we went for rib night last week. They raided the garbage cans for bones right in front of us and were bold enough to gnaw their barbeque prizes in full view. We were also serenaded by the desperate song of kitties looking for “love” while we dined. It’s all part of the background here.

Alien cat can stare into your soul.

There is at least one rescue organization in the city that attempts to help the feral cats of Kuwait, but it’s a huge job with no quick solutions. Being here makes me appreciate the animal control bylaws and organizations at home in Alberta, and also further increases my support for animals in need.

Cats dining outside the highrise where my sweetie's parents live. We counted seven, but they might not have all made the frame.

If you have a feline companion, give him or her a hug and take a moment to appreciate the good health of your pet and the long life that is most likely ahead of it. Any kitty living where you are has won the cat life super lottery, indeed.

I miss my handsome, hairy friends. Life isn't the same without a mammal to snuggle.

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  1. Wow! And we thought we had an animal control problem here in San Antonio!

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