Heading Home and Shifting Gears

Well, friends, our plane leaves at 12:30 tonight, which I realize is technically part of tomorrow. Let’s not dwell on the specifics. I never feel like a new date has actually started until I wake up in the morning, so the just after midnight plane later tonight is still Thursday in my awkward mode of thinking. We’re sad that such a wonderful holiday is drawing to a close; every day has been an adventure here, and we’re grateful to have spent such great time with family.

At any rate, we are returning to Canada after two weeks away. In our absence, my city has been buried under snow and the federal government has decided it will no longer mint pennies. The whole place, apparently, gets weird as soon as I go out of the country for a short time. Luckily, I’m headed back to snowy Alberta to make sure they keep stuff from falling further apart.

A flowering shrub I can't identify, growing in the courtyard of the Catholic Church here in Kuwait.

In addition to the final chapter of our grand tour, yesterday also marked the end of my full year of blogging daily. I’ve written somewhere within spitting distance of two hundred thousand words over the last year of this little project, which seems insane. Really, that’s like two long novels, completed just by chipping away at things a little bit every day.

I’ve been waffling about what to do with my blog now that the pledge I made to write daily has been fulfilled. Folks come by to read my ramblings (in greater numbers than I ever anticipated) and I’m grateful for them; I also enjoy writing Blue Speckled Pup. I won’t be changing much around here except for the frequency of my posts. Now that I’m not required (by my own annoying ambition) to write every day, my intention is to write each day anyway: partly for my blog but partly to move some of my fiction projects along. By my shaky math, if I blog four or five days a week instead of seven, I can devote my freed-up time to working on one of my novels-in-progress, and I should be able to have at least one manuscript ready for potential publication within six months. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!

I will be taking a couple of days off from my blog during our travel home, partly because it’s really annoying to write posts while praying the unreliable airport wi-fi cooperates. I also think I should finish my holiday with a mini-holiday from writing, since I’ve been at it for a year and might be smart to rest my brain a bit before embarking on the next leg of my literary journey.

Thank you to those who’ve been along for this strange little ride from the beginning a year ago, and for those who hopped aboard at any stage along the way. I deeply appreciate the support and attention you’ve given my dependent-clause rich grain of sand on the vast beach that is the internet. It makes such a difference for me to feel like I’m not just talking to myself: much love to you.

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  1. HAve a nice vacation. Stay warm. And stock up on adventures for your blog!

    1. Thank you. I’m was in the desert, so warm certainly described my life!

  2. juno mcginnis says:

    So glad you had such a great time!!!! It was a treat reading your blogs while you were away…congrats on writing everyday for a year!

    1. Thank you! I’m pretty pleased that I accomplished what seemed impossible at first glance.

  3. Congrats on your anniversary! I’m glad you still intend to keep writing – even if it won’t be as frequent. I really enjoy your posts!

  4. Cinderella says:

    Welcome back home, Kay.

    The flowering vine is bouganvilla (sp.) and grows all over California hillsides, with very sharp thorns, and sheds in the fal/winter.

    Glad that you are continuing to blog. Only do it when you enjoy it – it should be fun and when it gets to be a chore, take time off. Inevitably, blogging is addicitve:)

    How is your hand doing?

    1. Hi Cinderella,

      Thanks for the warm welcome, and for clarifying the floral question. My hands are much better from holidays, but flared up as soon as I sat down to start working on school stuff. I guess we know where the problem stems from, huh?

  5. bob (dad) says:

    as a family member we all knew you could babble on for hours, due to our first hand experiance on road trips, but it has been fun to see you get a year long run at telling the world your views. great job girl !! take a break

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