Lucky Girl

You all know The Electrician, lover of kids, dogs, and Purdy’s Hedgehogs. He’s one heck of a guy.

The Electrician and his beloved nephew: Short Circuit. Just outside Ditchling, England.

I don’t know if it’s spring, or if he’s suddenly become even more romantic than usual, but The Electrician has taken a seriously botanical bent in recent weeks. In the over two years we’ve been a couple, he’s treated me to flowers at least once a month. I’m used to him showing up with a bouquet for no specific reason other than thinking I’m the bee’s knees, but lately, he’s been bringing me flowers even more frequently.

Since the weather has been hit and miss, a usual situation in Alberta springs, enjoying flowers in the house has taken my mind off the drizzle and intermittent slushy snow. Last week, The Electrician disappeared unexpectedly during a brief grocery stop at Safeway, and returned with his arms full of flowers. He knows how much I love pink and green, and often leans toward those hues.

Last week's surprise.

Also, in the time I’ve known him, The Electrician has gotten really good at choosing healthy flowers that last a long time. He’s suddenly discovered hydrangea, which I adore but have never really had in the house before. I’m practical and always buy flowers that will live as long as possible. The Electrician’s attitude lately seems to be than when the first flowers die off, he’ll just go out and pick up more.

Friday evening, he came over while I was napping with his favorite kind of flowers: the “I picked them myself” bouquet. He hasn’t been plucking stems from people’s gardens, largely because he’s too honest for that angle but also because nothing grows here in the bitter winter or crisp springs. When he’s picked them out on his own, he means he prowled the cooler at the florist down the street from me, compiling a bouquet of his own design.

Friday, he brought a bouquet with huge lilies in it. The flowers didn’t actually open until this morning, and only three have started blooming so far. I was worried since lilies make me short of breath and cause my eyes to run. Luckily for me, Miss Sassy came over today before our Sunday morning aquasize class, and she showed me how to pull the pollen off the stamens with a wet paper towel. Since we did that, my allergies have calmed down.

They match my living room.

I’ve never had lilies before since they’ve always made me so sick. The Electrician saw his sister removing pollen from lilies while we were in the UK, and he figured we could do the same thing with this bouquet. Thankfully, the paper towel trick worked and now we can add another type of flower to the possibilities when he goes shopping. I love lilies and I’m pumped I don’t have to settle for enjoying them from afar any more.

I love the dahlias: big pom-pom flowers make me so happy.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it: I am a lucky girl. The Electrician spoils me regularly, and I’m grateful to have such a considerate, hard-working man in my life.

I’ll be making him cookies this afternoon, just to put a smile on my favourite face.

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  1. He’s definitely a keeper!

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