It Almost Feels Like Spring

Just over a month ago, I was in England as spring really got rolling there. Considering we left Alberta on a snowy day that was preceded by the worst blizzard of our entire winter, the change was delightful. The Electrician and I were amazed by how green everything in the UK was, and the fact that flowers were blooming madly all over the place, since the only prolific thing in my backyard in March is dog turds.

In London, although most of the trees hadn’t put out their new spring leaves yet, the grass was close to blindingly verdant. Keep in mind I’m from a frozen wasteland seven months of the year, so my tolerance for bright outdoorsy things is relatively low. I cope as best I can.

I am definitely itching to get back to England in summer or early fall, so I can see everything fully green. For our time there, though, just stomping around outside in a light jacket and sneakers made me a happy woman.

One place we ran out of time to explore was the back garden of our sweet little bed and breakfast in Ditchling, the village where The Electrician’s sister lives with her husband and their toddler, Short Circuit. As I’ve already trilled on about, I loved the storybook sweetness of Ditchling. I have a thing for cute little houses with cute, somewhat wild, yards, and England does not disappoint in that regard.

The view from our bedroom at the B and B.

Over the last two weeks of Albertan “spring,” which you really should say out loud with dramatic air quotes, given the weather, we’ve had an unpredictable stew of drizzle, sleet, and snow. It’s not an unusual situation for my province this time of year, but it’s getting old. There have been glimmers of the beautiful weather to come, but so far I’m far from impressed.

The forecast calls for a weekend with sunshine but no heat, so perhaps Sherman and I will dodge the weather long enough for a long, healthy-style walk. Now that it’s May, I would really like to resume my pooch walking schedule. We’ll see if the afternoon downpours we’ve had all week cease at least until Monday.

May the sun shine on you too, lovely readers.

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