Mammal Mondays: Mr. High and Mighty

Things at school are bananas right now, since the year is winding to a close and district and provincial assessments are raining down on my kids. It follows, then, that I don’t have much time for anything but work right now. The dishes in my sink are absolute proof of my current schedule.

Leroy, however, is a historian. Like folks a thousand years ago, my cat believes the entire universe has nothing better to do than circle the earth. More specifically, he is convinced the entire universe revolves around the 1.5 square feet of earth he occupies. It used to be only a single square foot, but Mr. Man is experiencing a little middle-age spread these days. No matter how I try to convince him he’s just a drooly speck in a vast universe, Leroy in convinced he is the grand master of things. He’s got a bit of a Richard I thing going on, minus the usurping.

He scowls when he doesn’t get his way. His way always means climbing into a lap.

Due to the pace I need to keep in the final months of the school year, Leroy is experiencing reduced lap time. He is not amused. His recent approach has been to sneak up while I’m grading essays at my kitchen table, and either climb onto the table and attempt to lie down across my papers, or to place himself suddenly in my lap. “Placing” himself in my lap is never a good option for either of us, since Leroy’s method for this kind of sneak attack involves vaulting from the nearest available surface and landing firmly on the top of my thighs. Dumb as he is, Leroy lands with traction in mind and his claws exposed to ensure he sticks the landing. As I’m sure you can imagine, his efforts do not go over well.

Once summer gets here, Leroy will get all the snuggles he can handle. Right now, sadly, I have bigger fish to fry. I suppose I can anticipate an indignant kitty for the next six weeks. We all have burdens, and Leroy’s will have to be finding himself less than the center of attention until the end of June.

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  1. The end of June?!!!! That is far too long. When does your school year start?

    1. We go from Mid-August until the end of June. My school runs a modified calendar, though. Most schools in Canada run from the first day in September to the last week of June. I’ve heard of the shorter American school year, and it sound delightful!

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