A Walk for the Soul

I realized today I haven’t written for my wee blog since Monday, which was rather pathetic considering I wrote every day for a year. It’s been a stupid week all around, and we might talk about that later, but please be advised it involved a field trip, two professional development days, a provincial writing exam, and a vivid round of stomach flu.

Tonight, now that my stomach is finally settled enough that I didn’t just walk the dog around and around my block–because no desperate woman ever wants to choose between hiding behind a bush to release her evil or knocking on a stranger’s door hoping for sanctuary–Sherman and I went on a proper walk. This is my favourite time of year, because it’s before the mosquitos hatch and while the evenings are cool enough that I can hoof it in a sweater and feel comfy the whole trip. I snugged up my new sneakers, set my iPod, and leashed up the pup. I decided to just cut south for half an hour, then turn around and come back to equal a full hour of brisk walking. We are aiming for good health and a smaller derriere, after all.

Twenty minutes south on foot is the neighbourhood I imagine myself living in someday, if my ship comes in or I really plump up my piggy bank. Sherman and I toured about the houses I wish I could afford, drooling over the lots triple the size of the one the dollhouse occupies and the beauty of streets where all the houses are beautifully kept but none are the same, unlike the cookie-cutter newer areas of the city that make me crazy with their matchy-matchy domiciles. The fruit trees are just starting to bloom, so every few houses I walked through a soft cloud of that unmistakable spring smell. Just about as often, we’d pass a house with a freshly-cut lawn and I’d be filled with that greenness. Folks have planted their fledgling flowers and veggies too, and the feeling of growth and renewal is absolutely everywhere. The whole experience rested on the scent of freshly-tilled earth. I feel like there are so many possibilities on a night like tonight.

We left just before eight thirty and returned to the dollhouse an hour later. Imagine the evening sun, which was surprisingly strong tonight, arcing low across the sidewalk and under the tree branches, mottling the pavement. The speckles of light waltzed just a little on the light, cool breeze. There we were, plodding (me) and trotting (Sherm) along, both of us panting a little from the exertion and the joy of such a perfect evening.

The best part: both of were in control of our bowels, the entire time. Things are certainly looking up!

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  1. Beautifully written, as always. I’m glad you are feeling better!

    1. Why thank you! I am also glad to be feeling slowly back on the mend. Something ugly has been going around my school lately, and I guess it was my turn this week.

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