Heat Wave

Shhhhh. I’m in hiding.

Technically, I’m just keeping a low profile in my basement, since we’ve finally broken into the true summer weather. It’s going to be more than 30 Celsius today, just like it was yesterday, and we’re supposed to keep riding this wave of glorious heat for at least a week. It’s arrived really late in 2012, after week on top of chilly, wet stretch. Albertans are willing to suffer through our nasty winters because summers on the prairies are so darn beautiful. There’s regularly more than a 60 degree spread between our temperatures in January and in June, and we relish the red running high into the thermometer. Because it’s actually hot for just a few weeks every summer, most of our homes aren’t air conditioned, and we whine about being way too warm when things actually get rolling outside.

There isn’t a cloud in the sky right now, and the sunlight feels searing. Upstairs, every crease I own gets sweaty and gross, so Sherman and I are hanging out downstairs with Miss Sassy and Comic Book Fan’s massive Briard, Odin. I’ll post some photos of them being ridiculous together tomorrow for Mammal Monday. The sad fact is they didn’t want to play much in the backyard, because the heat suppresses their goonish dog instincts; now that they’re downstairs with me, these two mutts are their own private circus. Sherman is covered in Odin’s drool, and both of them are panting hard enough to make the basement stink like hot dog breath. Classy.

So, here we are. The cleaning upstairs can wait for thing to cool off in the evening. I am not washing dishes in this heat, thank you very much. After dinner thunderstorms are very common in Alberta in the summer, and we get truly spectacular lightning shows, but nothing but clear skies are forecast for the next six days, so we won’t get that lucky today. I don’t have the desire to clean house in the buff (partly because I worry about chemicals and partly because I don’t have curtains on all my windows) so we shall be subterranean dwellers for the rest of the day. It’s summer after all, and there is nothing I have to do, other than feeding and watering the beasties and brushing my teeth.

I think I may finally be almost relaxed. I’m a third of the way through a very good book, and perhaps I can finish it up today, sipping on a Diet Pepsi and being grateful for a break from the craziness that is my life during the school year.

copyright 2012:  http://bluespeckledpup.com

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