Meet Miss Quest

Let’s be honest: Sherman and Leroy have sort of won the mammal lottery. Both of them are healthy indoor pets who sleep on warm beds. They are fed high-quality food on a regular schedule, and neither wants for cuddles or affection.

Truly, The Electrician and I have also won the spouse lottery. I sing his considerable praises often enough for my readers to know how awesome he is, and I guess you’ll have to take my word for it that I do my best to take good care of him, too. All around, every living thing in the dollhouse (except my poor neglected plants) is lucky. The humans, at least, are well aware of how blessed they are: believe me.

Since we’re living the good life, my husband (yippee!) and I have decided to give back a little bit. We wanted to do something positive for a creature who has never known love or safety, or the feeling of going to sleep at night with a full belly. While we’re not currently ready to add another dog permanently to our (tiny) household, we decided to foster a dog through Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) until that sweet doggy could find a forever family.

Last night, we picked up our foster mutt, Miss Quest. I added the Miss because she’s so ladylike. Behold:


So here we are, up a dog for the time being, and working with a 60 pound critter who had never been inside a house, walked on a leash, or used stairs in her life. It’s like having a new puppy who doesn’t know anything, except this puppy is fully-grown and half Great Pyrenees to boot. Quest is doing her best to behave, and she and Sherman have been playing very nicely. As an added bonus, Sherm is on his best behavior; perhaps he thinks we are auditioning an alternate actor for the role of “dog.” He is responding instantaneously to commands right now, and considering how much he’s been pushing his luck lately, it’s a welcome bonus.

28 hours into fostering, and Quest has been great. She arrived not even knowing “sit,” but it’s clear she wants to please us, and she’s catching on to all sorts of things quickly. Although I’m aware I’m jinxing myself simply by typing it, she’s also been fastidious about keeping her kennel clean and using the bathroom only outside. Well done, sweet girl.

If you have been considering a new dog, and the dog you have in mind is gentle and gorgeous, please check out Quest’s official page at the SCARS website for adoption information. She has been awesome with both Sherman and Leroy, and she is gentle despite being clearly very hungry in her previous life as a homeless pooch, as well as new to this whole “house pet” business.

We’ll put some meat on her bones and get her ready for her permanent home. Please spread the word if you know of someone looking for a lovable blonde who loves to smooch.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. RP says:

    She is SO pretty!! Good for you for fostering! I wish we could, but our kitty is such an alpha cat, it would make home life pretty miserable for all of us to be continually bringing new cats in & out. We just try to remember that we did a good thing by getting her from a rescue in the first place. ha! I also worry that I would fall in love with every single critter that crossed our threshold and would eventually become an episode of animal hoarders. So, I admire your strength — you do what I cannot!

    1. Thanks, RP. We are on a slippery slope greased with love for our wonderful foster dog. She’s the sweetest dog I’ve met in a long time!

  2. liz4short says:

    Quest is a pretty girl. I agree with RP in that I’d have a tough time letting my foster doggie go, but she is certainly lucky to have you and the Electrician in her corner. Very funny about Sherman being on best behavior in case you are trying out his possible replacement. You have interesting beings in your dollhouse.

    1. The dollhouse is never, ever boring! I am dreading sending her to a new home already; Quest is a peach of a pup and we love her.

  3. Jo Dee says:

    You are so sweet to foster Quest like that. tHAT IS A WONDERFUL WONDERFUL THING TO DO. Bless you and the Electrician both.

    1. Thank you Jo. We are trying to help those who can’t help themselves. So far, so good. I do catch my husband looking at her and getting a little misty-eyed, though, so I think the re-homing part could be tough.

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